About my work

At present, I love working upon fluctuations between shadow and light, day and night… These delicate and uncertain moments when the night falls and dims bit by bit the shape of the things: the indistinguishable loads itself with mystery and imagination can display all its fantasy!

I do hope that my watercolour paintings conjure up: what’s happening at full moon in the forest? Where does this road with it’s glazing horizon leads to? Which romance is housed in this mansion with its lighted up window at sundown?

Do these sighing flowers, stretched towards the sun, make the wind talk?

And the bright Sardinian sun through the olive tree leaves, do you feel its heat?

The mystery of the moonlight on the « maquis »? The brightness of the shining sea, almost white in the twilight? The delight of the sweet wave wrapping itself on the pearlescent sand of the Seychelles…

My watercolour paintings all have something in common: they are the impression of a lovely emotion. Intangible tension of an encounter, moments of happiness, of softness, of tenderness, voluptuous lapses, when I express my deepest emotions.
My interior life forms the framework, the unifying thread of my creative process.
Filled with these secret emotions, my watercolour paintings speak and might find some echo with those who look at them.

Aude Oumow, August 2009

Aude Machuel-Oumow

Aude Machuel-Oumow

Aude Machuel-Oumow started to study drawing, painting and sculpture since her very young years with Mrs Cotelle-Clere, a sculptor.

She undertakes to study history of art whilst assiduously following the courses of the Julian Art Academy in Paris and showing her paintings and sculptures in various exhibitions.

After graduating as Master in Fine Arts and Museology from the Louvre School, she is appointed as director of the original prints department of the Artcurial Gallery, avenue Matignon in Paris.

In 1995, she opens her own « Galerie Aude Oumow » in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, where she exhibits, as specialist of original prints, etchings of great contemporary masters, as well as the young painters she promotes.

Using the opportunity of a six mouths stay in Barcelona, she gets back to her paintbrushes and grips to the watercolour painting at Carolina Nazar’s studio, a recognized Argentinian painter.

Back to France, she deepens this matter at the AAAV with Martine Frebaut, and graduates as paperworks restorer.

She currentlydevotes herself to watercolour painting, being delighted by the brightness, the fluidity and lightness of this technique. She discovers at this point of time her great sensitivity for the paperwork.

Personal exhibitions
2010 : Senseï, Le Vésinet

2011 : Palazzo Marin, Venice

Group exhibitions
2009 : Aquarella, Rueil Malmaison
2010 : Salon des Peintres du Vésinet
Galerie Monod, Paris
Aquarella 2010, Rueil-Malmaison

Permanent exhibition
2009-2010 : La Raffinerie, Chatou